Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Fordham University, Bronx, NY.


Ph.D.  Sociology

Columbia University

Ph.D. Sociology, Columbia University, Thesis: “Dominicans and Mexicans in New York City: Gender, Racialization and Work Incorporation” Professors Herbert Gans and Robert Smith, co-mentors. M.Phil. (1999) M.A. (1995) and B.A. (1989) in Sociology, Columbia University.

Jul 2008 - Aug 2013  

Teaching and Research


International Migration, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Latino/a/x Studies, Public Health, Housing and Education.
Postdoctoral specialization in education and comparative migration in the US and Europe, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
​Comparative research methods for the study of immigrants and hard-to-reach, vulnerable populations.

Race formation, racialization, racial capital among Latino/a/x groups.

Fuentes-Mayorga, N., From Homemakers to Breadwinners to Community Leaders: Migrating Women, Class and Color. Book manuscript. Rutgers University Press. May, 2023.

Fuentes-Mayorga, N., & Cuecuecha Mendoza, A. (2023). The Most Vulnerable Hispanic Im-
migrants in New York City: Structural Racism and Gendered Differences in Covid-19
Deaths.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(10),

Fuentes-Mayorga, N., “Migraciones Sin Hombres Y en Contextos Racializados: La migra-
ción y contribuciones de mujeres dominicanas a la comunidad de origen y Albergue,” in,
Migraciones Internacionales. Proyecto Revista Cultural.  Centro Internacional Para la
Promoción de Los Derechos Humanos. UNESCO.  May 2023.

Baranik de Alarcón, S. E., Secor, D. H., & Fuentes-Mayorga, N. (2021). “We Are Asking
Why You Treat Us This Way. Is It Because We Are Negroes?” A Reparations-Based Ap-
proach to Remedying the Trump Administration’s Cancellation of TPS Protections for
Haitians. Michigan Journal of Race and Law, 26(1), 1-48. (Equal Contribution).

García-Carmona, M., Fuentes-Mayorga, N., & Rodríguez-García, A. M. (2021). Educa-
tional Leadership for Social Justice in Multicultural Contexts: The Case of Melilla, Spain.
Leadership and Policy in Schools,20(1), 76-94.  (Equal contribution).

Fuentes-Mayorga, N., & Burgos, G. (2017). “Generation X and the Future Health of Lati-
nos.” Generations, 41(3), 58-67. (Major contribution).


Tienda, Marta and Norma Fuentes. “Hispanics in Metropolitan America: New Realities and Old Debates,” Annual Review of Sociology (forthcoming August 2014). 

Crul, M., J. Holdaway, H. De Valk, N. Fuentes and M. Zaal (2013) ”Educating the Children of Immigrants in Amsterdam and New York,” in Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway (editors), The Children of Immigrants at School: A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe (Social Science Research Council). New York City: New York University Press. 

Fuentes-Mayorga, N. (2011) “Sorting Brown and Black Latino service workers in gentrifying New York neighborhoods. Latino Studies. Vol. 9, 1, 106-125. 

Fuentes, N. (2007). "The Immigrant Experiences of Dominican and Mexican Women in the 1990s: Crossing Class, Racial and Gender Boundaries or Temporary Work Spaces in New York City," in Caroline Brettel (editor), Crossing Borders/Crossing Boundaries: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration. New York: Lexington Books.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Immigrant Mothers and the School Aspirations and Choices of Moroccan Daughters in Amsterdam.  University of Amsterdam, Center for Immigration and Ethnic Studies (IMES).

Publications (selected)

Norma Fuentes-Mayorga

Aug.2014 - Present

Jan 2004 - Aug 2012 

Co-Princiapal Investigator

New York-Mexico Migration and Remittance Corridor Project, Fordham University- Center for International Policy Studies (CIPS) UCLA-NAID

Sep 2006 - Jun 2007  

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor of Sociology  and

Program Director, Latin American and Latina/o Studies

City University of New York.


Visiting Research Fellow

Center for Migration and Development (CMD), Sociology Department, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

Sep 2012 - Jun 2014